My Media Consumption Habits: How I Get the News

My name is Jacob Karafa. I’m a Junior at the University of Michigan studying Communications and Entrepreneurship. I’ve always gotten a thrill out of staying up to date with technology and the news, although my preferred sources have changed over the years. When I was in high school, I would stick to news sites like the NY Times, CNN and ABC to keep up on national or international events. I produced articles in my high school’s journalism class on gun control, basketball coaching, mini-biographies and more. I enjoyed the process of conducting interviews and typing out a tory in journalistic format.

Towards the end of high school, I began finding increased news coverage on Facebook. Out of curiosity, I would look at the comments on these stories and see how opinions differed on controversial issues. I never felt obliged to share my own opinions on these posts; in this way I differ greatly from my parents. My parents often share thought-provoking, humorous or alarming news articles through Facebook (often times even posting them to my wall). I generally prefer informing myself rather than sharing news, and as I entered college and discovered, I found the ideal outlet for this. However informal, however subjective the titles of articles or the content itself, reddit became my preferred source of news. The site enables me to follow topics I’m interested in: sports, international affairs, environmentalism, upcoming movies and games, technology and others. Although I’ve never felt obligated to post on reddit or comment, I enjoy gauging viewer opinion on topics and staying up to date with breaking stories.

I’ve committed this semester’s blog to the beat of environmental concerns and solutions. At the rate humans are burning up fossil fuels, reducing the quality of the air we breathe and destroying animal habitats, I think it’s of utmost importance that people stay informed and start making improvements, regardless of their magnitudes.

Clear-cut logging in Canada
                                                                  Clear-cut logging in Canada 

I will most likely end up interviewing some of the environmental groups on campus, as well as professors on the topic. I currently live in a house that produces a seemingly endless amount of trash, little of which is recycled. Since the utilities bill is split 20+ ways, the motivation to save water and electricity is often low. I could interview my housemates on their usage habits. With any luck, maybe I’ll encourage a more environmentalist, energy-conservative attitude in my home.

I also want to investigate which environmental problems other countries are struggling with and how they’re coping. (Environmental News Network) should be a valuable resource for this international coverage. It frequently features stories on pollution, climate, sustainability and policy.

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